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Financial District

Our Strategies

Signing a Contract

Trust Agreements
as the Foundation of Proper Structure

Trust agreements are the backbone of proper planning. The most common type is a living trust, but your individual situation and goals may require more complex structures and different types of trusts. Our legal team will conduct a detailed interview to design a custom trust that fits your individual situation.

Strategic Planning for Growth and Profitable Exits

We are your partner to plan and execute the growth of your business.  Your goals plus our strategy will become ONE but you remain in "driver seat" 100% all the time.  Our planning is done by inhouse consultants and approved vendors we work with.  We provide the highest level of service as your satisfaction is the only basis for our fee to be earned.  During the planning process you approve all actions, we execute accordingly to advance our mutual plan. 

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Business Advisory

M&A - Mergers & Acquisition as expansion and growth strategy – planning, strategy implementation with and without capital partners

CRE - Commercial Real Estate acquisition planning. Preparation for the purchase of CRE is one of the most important aspects when planning to purchase your commercial property. We help with financials, equity injection, corporate structures on SBA and Direct financing options. 

Tax-Free Income for Life

Creation of tax-free income is one of our specialties. Based on proper initial analysis and a custom-designed strategy, we are able to create income that will grow every year to keep up with inflation, is tax-free, and will last your lifetime.

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The Power of Multiples! 
Online course

Multiples aren’t just numbers; they’re your ticket to potentially increasing your business value by 2x, 5x, or even more! This strategy is all about leveraging your business "MULTIPLE". It's a game-changer, a method that savvy entrepreneurs and major corporations have been quietly using to their advantage. 

Our comprehensive online course will transform your approach to managing and growing your business.

Insurance Contracts as a Strategy Tool

A properly structured life insurance contract, based on the right product, can be a great financial tool. It is a valuable asset class that can produce excellent results in many aspects of your financial plan. We specialize in customizing these structures to provide the most benefits for use during your lifetime, not just upon your death. Our policy contracts are not your typical insurance policies that only cover your death.

Signing a Contract
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We provide help with lending solutions to businesses of all sizes looking to finance a project, immediate business need or expansion of any size.

$1M Working Capital, Line of Credit, 0% up to $250,000 or multimillion dollar commercial real estate loans on SBA, non SBA and private money loans.

Just to name few programs. 

Reduce your Tax Bill by 20%-80%

There are many strategies designed to reduce or eliminate your tax bill. However, not every strategy is suitable for everyone, so our tax professionals will review your current individual situation and tax returns, and will present you with the applicable tools. We will make recommendations to achieve the best results.


High Returns via 
Oil & Gas Wells 

Maximize your earnings and minimize taxes with Oil & Gas investments. Benefit from direct asset ownership in oil and natural gas wells, not volatile energy stocks. Enjoy generous tax write-offs of up to 85% of your investment. Seize the opportunity for strong returns with lower entry costs and operational expenses. Invest smartly in Oil & Gas for a prosperous financial future.  This is a 100% passive strategy.*

High Returns via
Business Loans

Invest in small businesses with a focus on merchant cash advances for high returns and low default risk. Diversify your portfolio and enjoy the convenience of quick returns and the ability to instantly withdraw your investments

You will have the ability to monitor and manage your investment portfolio from anywhere, at any time. Stay informed with real-time updates and customized alerts to keep track of your investments' performance. This is a 100% passive strategy.*

Business Meeting

*We never take possession of your money. You are always 100% in control of your fund allocations and distributions. We utilize these strategies ourselves and will demonstrate where we invest our money. We will also provide direct contact information for the companies we collaborate with, so you can deal directly. Please seek professional advice from a CPA and/or licensed financial advisor before making any decisions. 

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