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Empowering small business owners to build wealth and achieve freedom through their enterprises

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We have a team of experts in various fields, including finance, real estate, law, taxation, insurance, business  and M&A consulting, E-commerce, stock market, oil & gas and cryptocurrency who work together to implement strategies for our clients. Our strategies are often used by wealthy families, but we are able to adapt them for clients who are high earners but do not yet meet the high net worth requirements. Our team has the necessary skills and knowledge to properly implement these complex financial structures in its original design and through additional strategy we can add compounding effect which further increases the returns. 

Our approach revolves around a core principle: Empowering business owners to build wealth and achieve freedom through their enterprises.

Services and Strategies

Signing a Contract
Trust Agreements
as the Foundation of Proper Structure

Trust agreements are the backbone of proper planning. The most common type is a living trust, but your individual situation and goals may require more complex structures and different types of trusts. Our legal team will conduct a detailed interview to design a custom trust that fits your individual situation.

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Strategic Planning for Growth and Profitable Exits

We are your partner to plan and execute the growth of your business.  Your goals plus our strategy will become ONE but you remain in "driver seat" 100% all the time.  Our planning is done by inhouse consultants and approved vendors we work with.  We provide the highest level of service as your satisfaction is the only basis for our fee to be earned.  During the planning process you approve all actions, we execute accordingly to advance our mutual plan.

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The Power of Multiples!
On line course

Multiples aren’t just numbers; they’re your ticket to potentially increasing your business value by 2x, 5x, or even more! This strategy is all about leveraging your business "MULTIPLE". It's a game-changer, a method that savvy entrepreneurs and major corporations have been quietly using to their advantage.  Our comprehensive online course will transform your approach to managing and growing your business.

*We never take possession of your money. You are always 100% in control of your fund allocations and distributions. We utilize these strategies ourselves and will demonstrate where we invest our money. We will also provide direct contact information for the companies we collaborate with, so you can deal directly. Please seek professional advice from a CPA and/or licensed financial advisor before making any decisions


Ready to find out more?

Our consultations are a very important part of the process. Please schedule a meeting, which can be held in person or via video conference.

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